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The Department of Wow is a creative production agency here to help organizations and brands whose disruptive innovations improve the human experience. We create visual communications and compelling human experiences for cryptocurrency, automation, VR, AR, AI, space travel, robotics and technologies designed to propel human evolution. 
From the future, in the now
We are time travelers from the future who have returned to this critical moment to help you create the world we know and love. From your point in time, it's difficult to imagine how wonderful things are about to be. Right now, humanity is experiencing decentralizing innovation that is fundamentally changing life on earth.  Disruptive new technologies are affecting almost ever sector of business and life.

Our mission is to give unfair advantage to select organizations who will catalyze the greatest progress. We will only collaborate with wonderful organizations and mindful people who understand this and are ready to evolve quickly.

The Department of Wow
inspiring magnificent human experiences

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Spherical Cinematic
Group VR Experience
The Blockchain of Change
At this point in time we identify blockchain technologies as the leading disruptive movement driving the greatest social change in the shortest time span. It's crucial to teach and communicate this to the ignorant and centralized world. 
We partner with blockchain related enterprises to help expedite the process and spread the word in exciting ways. 

Currently crypto companies have followed a narrow aesthetic focused on tech that doesn't differentiate. We help bring the human experience into focus with warmer messages that resonate with real people.

Strategic process
Our foresight and experience with things to come becomes your tactical advantage. 
Focusing on integrated services we incubate and protect your project without creative compromise or resource waste.

Unique strategic creative development generated by data, research, insight and human intuition wrought from decades of experience

Precision guidance, ensures project execution mobilizes technology supporting human-centric protocols

Our partner, Acht Imaging, engages  the finest creatives using the most advanced technology in delivering finishing for visual communications that wow

Human contact, not bots
We love robots, but they lack feeling.
Please connect with us and let us know how our creative humans using authentic handcrafted technology from the future can help you. 

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