EXPERIENCE THE SUN  |  Spherical Cinematic Experience
KAZAKHSTAN |  World Expo 2017

When we were asked to come up with content for a center piece focusing on solar energy for the World Expo in Astana there were huge design issues that needed solving. Solutions led to a group VR experience allowing visitors to examine the sun up close with animated projection mapping and info graphics on the outside. After entering inside the 14 meter inflatable sphere, the doors closed and about 30 people took the journey from sun to earth to witness the evolution of our planet and it's dependency on solar energy to make everything we know about earth's history possible. 
Photosynthesis is the transformation of sunlight into earth energy

Sun Sun Sun, here it comes
The 14 meter inflatable Sun was suspended between two floors of the main pavilion - itself a spherical building and part of the host country's offering. This pavilion was 7 floors with each focused on a different type of energy. The 4th and largest floor was all about Solar Energy. Visitors could walk beneath the suspended sphere and see an animated sun up close, and without getting burned. One floor up they could queue up to enter the sun and experience it.
The Content